Create Tiktok & YouTube videos for #MM

📸 You can mine MMs by creating Tiktok videos and/or YouTube videos for #ProjectMM

🙌 1 MM awarded per published video that has reached 200 likes on Tiktok OR 400 views on YouTube - no monthly caps.

Email your published videos to us today to get the 1 MM creator award!
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Good morning, I'm new to crypto, just heard about this platform from TechLead channel on YouTube.
I have a serious problem that I need some help with,

Im from sudan, and I'm can not get any crypto to start trading or buy any NFTs with, we don't have credit cards and exchanges do not allow sudanese accounts due to sanctions.

Any Ideas how I can get some crypto, or if there's anyone that I can provide some service in exchange of some eth?
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@ohmyvyom lots of people lost money while few people made a lot💰💰
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Is anyswap safe to use? I'm trying to send funds from Polygon network to BSC network. This is my first time doing any sort of bridge, figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here while I Google around.
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