Buy 1 get 1 free or more accurately mint 1 and get 1 free.

If you minted an NFT from our 1st Collection you should have received a Whitelist token.

馃敇 It should appear in your wallet as "Unknown Token" with the address Ao44UYwQ4FRxc43BX4fFF5zvaiKsoh9RkC92KuaBCodV.

馃敇 We send the tokens manually to each wallet that has minted Women in Ao dai Vietnam NFT so there might be a little delay between the time you mint and the time you see the token appear in you wallet.

馃敇 Each NFT you have minted gives you 1 Whitelist token. Example: If you mint 3 NFTs from our 1st Collection you get 3 tokens.

馃敇 Each token allows you to mint our 2nd Collection for free.

All these links can be found on our website by clicking the "Mint" buttons:

P.S. Collection 1 ends today 3rd March.
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AodaiVietnamNFT   路   7 months ago  
Techlead has transferred his MM to this address
Anybody knows whether this is some kind of special address ?
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TL isn't mentioning about mm anymore .. is this project dead?
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It is pretty disappointing, maybe he just sees talking about it doesn't work so he stopped talking about it all together.
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So the million social network is this one i.e. Metafora?
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Where are we going with MM ? @TL
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Are we still on course to the moon?
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At what price would you buy back in? $1 - $2 ?
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I'm riding this shit to fucken 0. LFG!
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Me too, because I dont have a choice anyway 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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Could you list out the things the founder should have done but did not?
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How long do you guys think that we have to wait till we hit 1 Billion marketcap?
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Is it fair to say that Techlead has built 2 MM use cases in less than a year, namely Metafora and DefiPro ?
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Did you delete your post or was it an admin?
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It is the Lunar New Year today and Vietnamese women are wearing these beautiful Ao Dai(s).
Check out our profile.
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Any Chinese MM HODLs here?... Happy Chinese New Year!
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What do you guys think about this PLAY TO EARN game??? I think I'm going to invest some money here:

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Am checking it out now
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