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The Black Swan Built itself.
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@0x8b7d39602abae1bbd83648ad730f759610a3d61b I DON'T UNDERSTAND - DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS??
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@0xce130152cd5df92a864cc90dfb844954ce38782c The next bull market will show if MM is dead or not. TL is a smart guy, I think he will at least try a MM revival in the next bull market. If his follower count on youtube is real, MM stands a real chance for a huge comeback.
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Million Token is by far the riskiest asset I have on my portfolio.
Where else are you going find a token that is currently 2x from its release with liquidity?
Any other Microcap you find has already pumped from 0 with next to no liquidity.
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@0x041b8cb7ad408b233b099c85dfb7f7d0cfe8218b Yeah, something strange is going on, TechLead made almost all of his MM videos private, deleted all MM Links in the descriptions of his videos (there used to be a link to in every video description), the roadmap of MM was edited again, TechLead deleted all his tweets...
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@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 I hope he is not preparing for the ultimate rug pull by removing the 1 million USDC floor
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@0x041b8cb7ad408b233b099c85dfb7f7d0cfe8218b But on the other hand: TechLead is a fully doxxed Alpha Animal. Do you really think he will abandon his project? With that he would declare to the public that he (the TechLEAD) failed across the board.
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@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 To abandon a crypto project in a bear market makes no sense. If it fails in the next bull market that would be a different story.
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Million Token - RIP
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@SteveJobless Nobody knows what TL is currently up to but yeah it would be a shame if this project would fail because we were developing too slowly
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Hi mom, I'm in web 3.0!
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