@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 have not hearn of much going on. if there was a way to use the tokens or beyond staking to get tokens from TL... gonna stay dead.
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This message board is a byproduct of Million Token. You can also join the liquidity pools to earn fees. There's still a lot going on here. If you're not stacking now, you're gonna be sadge next bull run.
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@0xbb3dbb93314786c93bc7a20282e0a268f090076a This message board is the only product TL produced for MM unless you count his defi course. I mean something that actualy uses the tokens. and causes them to be exchanged. without an ecosystem there is no value, just perfect tokenomics, and a million dollar gaurantee. but that gaurantee just means I can't lose more than half my money right now.

there were a ton of projects taht were started but there was not alot that got finished. once the hype died down and the hard work set in momentum slowed fast. All the drama was fun, but it didn't put code on the blockchain.

LP providers will come back once the volume is worth the gas fees to set up your piece of the pool and claim rewards.
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