0xb69...f09b   ·   20 days ago  
The community here feels dead.
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0x15c...da63   ·   20 days ago  
@0xb69308fba4929c57ad273641dff564efa743f09b because it is dead. worthless coin going back to $0. that $1,000,000 floor will get eaten through once the liquidity is gone.
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Million_Music   ·   20 days ago  
The $1,000,000 floor is what preventing price from going to $0 or below $1. You cant even eat it all the way through.
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0x15c...da63   ·   20 days ago  
@Million_Music Just another lie by TL. He said the floor meant everyone can always sell their tokens. More lies come out from the MM scam lol.
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doombaby.eth   ·   20 days ago  
@0x15c1c51c485fdb3a051a5edfc80f796c6d90da63 with the tokens that got burned, there are less than 1 million tokens, so you can't sell through the floor... nice try though
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Million_Music   ·   19 days ago  
It's not a lie. I have personally verified the 1,000,000 peg is there and the way it works it is 100% impossible to not be able to sell your Million tokens for $1 or more per token, if you are using the main pool when you sell. Educate yourself.
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0x879...f1aa   ·   19 days ago  
@0xb69308fba4929c57ad273641dff564efa743f09b Are you new to crypto? all token communities are dead right now. Even Alex Becker the legendary low cap shiller has gone missing.
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0xb69...f09b   ·   12 days ago  
@0x8798e224defa1f0f1c207c476ec085420f89f1aa 3 years in crypto, got into this metafora space because it claims to be a social networking site. There isn't admin, community or whatsoever.
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0xbb3...076a   ·   10 days ago  
You're early, people don't get it.
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