Metaforans, I'm new here.
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Would we be able to sell our quickswap farm as NFTs (like the liquidity pool nfts you get from uniswap?) Maybe there would be a selling page on metafora where you can list and buy nfts.
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@Wiwy help boost this taFo. Or Fora.
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What is this platform why should I be invested in this?
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@0x8028617c5cfa801cdbffd6bea7322aeddda6e775 That’s a communication to a wallet address. That in itself is amazing. Next, would prob be nfts. Maybe merchandise?
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@0x8028617c5cfa801cdbffd6bea7322aeddda6e775 I think being able to cmmunicate with another wallet is amazing. It removes a layer of seemingly impermeability of wallets in the crypto space, devoid of a means of comma between wallets. Wallets provide uniqueness. This leads to individuality and leads to trusted trades and communication. When we can confidently community between established entities, this is a metaverse. Think of what else we can do
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Return to sender
I gave it to pasted and never had it tracked
By the early next morning, I couldn’t get it back
Vitalik wrote upon it,
don’t return to sender,
Address unknown,
No such hashes
It’s in the burn zone.
I had a booboo, a TT spat,
I write I’m sorry, but my mm ain’t coming back.
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@Reillin we’re gonna go to hell(o)
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@dolphin it’s funny when you sing it lol
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Wanna be of this community...
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we need a channel of people holding at least 10MM so we know we are talking to someone that is serious ☕️✨
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@mil I feel 100mm is more like it. But a custom username is 10mm
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@mil it is also important to have a minimum of critical mass before we start partitioning. This is essential in any devving that requires a minimum amount of ppl to self sustain a project. At the moment, everyone regardless of affiliation is helping make this place more enjoyable. Sit back and enjoy the ride
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@Reillin it’s 89 outside and blue skies. Aus (australia)
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@Reillin I had to convert to Fahrenheit for the old world ppl
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@0xd3a0b06d396959f839af0d9182b12cd99a06752f They’re not paying and they don’t have to hold anything to taFo #taFo
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What do you look for in a partner?
a/ looks
b/ smarts
c/ money
d/ sexy bits
e/ mm?
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