I just got twitter jumped.
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@Adamzon lol. Noice. Welcome onboard
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Will this message make you richer? No

Will this message make you smarter? Yes

Lesson one: I’ve wasted your time. Don’t listen to gurus. Be your own guru. Listen to this guru.
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@gee80 payment accepted, will cash this out for $1000,000usd on your wedding day.
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Sooo…. Is someone making an app for this or.
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@Adamzon lol. My bad. I was reading the price. One day, I’ll be reading 12,340
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@Reillin follow beebo.eth and comment, “I need a rocket to get to the moon” for a limited edition nft. Hurry before they run out
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Eth dumped 7% in the last hour! Maybe hold mm
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@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 This will justify eth of increasing their gas even further.
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Da Beeeeeeeeeeeeeebs!!!
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I think instead of the terms Tweet or Retweet, Metafora could use the terms Roar or possibly ReRoar 🤔 (seeing as we're associated with a lion logo etc ) If that functionality gets added in of course. What do peeps think?
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@0xbcc59416e589de6ef08e96bce89df78bc050b4fd I do like roars and reroars as well though. Hold a poll on Twitter?
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Metafora logo is updated, congratulations to for winning the design contest. Nice team effort from our Discord, special thanks to CryptoQueen24 & admins for organizing.
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@TL lfg. Grats everyone
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The Sahara. The testing grounds of Life. It can be cruel and terrible, but beautiful. It harbours one of the greatest predator on earth. panthera Leo. Supporting this ecosystem is something even greater. Grass. It covers the planet and undulates with the seasons. It survives onslaughts of weather and animals alike. It lies dormant and with the rain, comes springing forth to support Life. #million
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this is so awesome! ✨ better than twitter ✨🌱
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@0x0b51a12597d6c840c99b0f0ce02394f3e54535ca Be reminded that next gen computers will chew through crypto mixers like finding a person in the same room during hide and seek. Blockchain is forever. Every theft done on the blockchain will be traced.
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