@CryptoBackstage featured creators seems to have been recently removed from the website
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@Tim_MM_Hodler hmm... yeah, it's kind of strange. I wonder if this tweet had anything to do with it cause it showed a screenshot of his course 🤔 or maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings when you dethroned me from the #1 spot. I'm gonna dm him see if he will add it back. I think he may have removed by accident and hasn't noticed it yet. TL was out having lobster rolls or something with his dog and two other guest today.
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@CryptoBackstage There was some chat in the Discord asking why some content creators were still showing on the website given that they are fudding MM and TL. Others don't appear to be creating content anymore. I guess the section has been removed until it is updated. It really isn't good to have links from our website to people who are going to fud the project.
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@CryptoBackstage i don't think i ever dethroned you from the #1 spot. it's not important to me anyway. it's about getting the education out there for those that are looking for it. YouTube primarily displays negative MM videos when you do a search. hence, removing good content creators from the main MM website is going to make it that much harder to find good MM content for those searching for it.

eh, i guess i will take another break for awhile.

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