You have refused to see reason with my previous posts but I will try once more.
TechLead has already GONE HOME. He has removed everyone of his MM Videos. He has stopped putting money into the staking pool. He has stopped talking about MM in anyway. He has removed all reference to his other socials. Metafora will be gone in 4 weeks because he didnt reorder the domain.
There is no reason to believe the floor will be there in the next few weeks or months. TL is making moves to limit his connection to this worthless crypto.

I get you've probably held and maybe bought more recently, but it was a bad decision. This crypto is dead! lol
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@0x041b8cb7ad408b233b099c85dfb7f7d0cfe8218b But on the other hand: TechLead is a fully doxxed Alpha Animal. Do you really think he will abandon his project? With that he would declare to the public that he (the TechLEAD) failed across the board.
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@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 To abandon a crypto project in a bear market makes no sense. If it fails in the next bull market that would be a different story.
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