Million Token is by far the riskiest asset I have on my portfolio.
Where else are you going find a token that is currently 2x from its release with liquidity?
Any other Microcap you find has already pumped from 0 with next to no liquidity.
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@0x8798e224defa1f0f1c207c476ec085420f89f1aa Million Token is not an asset by the very definition.
Asset: a useful or valuable thing or person
MM is not useful or valuable. It is a shit Token that could have become something if the founder gave a damn and didn't let the community turn into a shit show of power hungry nobodies. lol

The domain for THIS service expires in one month. TechLead got the notices, he knows its coming. He has decided to let THIS website die, because he knows MM is dead.
Would not be surprised if he removes the million USDC in the coming weeks.. lol
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You have refused to see reason with my previous posts but I will try once more.
TechLead has already GONE HOME. He has removed everyone of his MM Videos. He has stopped putting money into the staking pool. He has stopped talking about MM in anyway. He has removed all reference to his other socials. Metafora will be gone in 4 weeks because he didnt reorder the domain.
There is no reason to believe the floor will be there in the next few weeks or months. TL is making moves to limit his connection to this worthless crypto.

I get you've probably held and maybe bought more recently, but it was a bad decision. This crypto is dead! lol
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"Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep." If we dip, we gain more holders, we recoup, and continue pushing forward. If you don't have the stomach for a rollercoaster ride, take some off the table and keep it fun for yourself. But the world knows about Million now, all we have to do is just hold and we will win.
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@0x8798e224defa1f0f1c207c476ec085420f89f1aa holders is basically flatline for months, can't get out of the 20k range, this isn't a rollercoaster - that implies the price is going up. Its a car ride, and the car is moving until the gas runs out.

Million is a an almost dead, worthless Token. It has no utility, its a carbon copy of the eth contract. The founder has privated all his videos on the crypto. Its controlled by a small number of people intent on killing on.
Pull your money out and go into something that will perform in a bull run, like BTC.
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