@0x8798e224defa1f0f1c207c476ec085420f89f1aa Million Token is not an asset by the very definition.
Asset: a useful or valuable thing or person
MM is not useful or valuable. It is a shit Token that could have become something if the founder gave a damn and didn't let the community turn into a shit show of power hungry nobodies. lol

The domain for THIS service expires in one month. TechLead got the notices, he knows its coming. He has decided to let THIS website die, because he knows MM is dead.
Would not be surprised if he removes the million USDC in the coming weeks.. lol
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@0x041b8cb7ad408b233b099c85dfb7f7d0cfe8218b i agree the community definitely pushed people away it was so toxic. i honestly lost track of all the nonsense the last thing i remember was cat-women or girl getting ousted.
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