@beans awesome my dude I'm still 27 short but staying the course and tryna load up more
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@BankHead looks like you and @NFTDailyNews bought some of my bags lol
I sold 550 tokens last week^^ no regrets, despite losing a lot of money
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@electronicknock bro no hard feeling man everyone has there opinions I believe this can go far u felt doing what u did was right for u as u can see im far from the green also but I will take my chances here I hope the best for u and all u do
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@electronicknock Cheers mate. Thank you. Move on with your life and may God bless your path. Like @BankHead said no hard feelings. I don't believe in HODL. If you don't like a project you or anyone else is free to leave. There are 6000 more opportunities in cryptos instead of being bitter and resentful. That eats away at one's soul, health and leads to very unproductive behaviors.
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A project of Million Token. FAQ