@0x8798e224defa1f0f1c207c476ec085420f89f1aa holders is basically flatline for months, can't get out of the 20k range, this isn't a rollercoaster - that implies the price is going up. Its a car ride, and the car is moving until the gas runs out.

Million is a an almost dead, worthless Token. It has no utility, its a carbon copy of the eth contract. The founder has privated all his videos on the crypto. Its controlled by a small number of people intent on killing on.
Pull your money out and go into something that will perform in a bull run, like BTC.
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@0x041b8cb7ad408b233b099c85dfb7f7d0cfe8218b All Crypto even higher caps like Bitcoin and ETH are somewhat Price Manipulated by the mega rich whales. You could say Million Token is Manipulated by small whales.
There is no right or wrong what you put your money in.
Just find one you like and put some money in.
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