Wow, a lot has changed in the 2.5 months since I last stopped in! The only way from here is UP!!! (hopefully) 馃 馃槣
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At least this token has way higher upside potental now than downside potential.
We can at most go down another 83%, but logically we wont go down more than 22% from here, it's unlikely a token will drop over 98% from its all time high.

Meanwhile this tokens upside potential is unlimited, or at the very least over 1,000,000%, and it would still be below Dogecoins all time high in marketcap if it did.

Million token is a sure thing :)
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@0x69511d33ff4209618b47ffbcfb172c374024a57e yeah so risk reward factor input and lean more towards low risk high rewards
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@CybomanDrew not sure what you mean. Nothing has has changed. I thought this was gonna be the next Twitter 馃檮
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Famous last words that repeat themselves.
Heard that one before, "Only way from here is UP" xD 馃槀
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