Yo peeps. What’s news?
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Romua   ·   2 months, 1 day ago  
@dolphin Hey, dolphin, how are you? Haven't seen for a while)
Follow me, please here, so I can send you a direct message. Thanks)
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Ehy Team!

Are you doing well? It has been a while.

Many things have changed in the last months, incredible how everything is moving so rapidly in life, in business, here as well. Summer has been great, and now it is time to prepare for the winter, many interesting projects on the way, as always.

From a crypto point of view, personally nothing has changed. I keep DCA on the few projects I am following since many years, and if you are wondering, yes, I am still a proud holder of my precious MM, despite I have not bought in a while.

I also keep following our very own TechLead, his evolution, and his thoughts. In particular recently his video about his parents getting old has really resonated in me. There should be a way to extract all the life gems TL has given us troughs the years, it is a pity they are "stuck" inside their videos. Someone should create a Twitter account about it.

Take care guys!

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@dolphin I was thinking of making a film about this project. Because it's an incredible story. One year passed, but how many emotions were there? Remember this guy who really became a millionaire overnight?
And what a team gathered around this project! How many talents!
I'm pretty sure it wasn't a scam, just bad governance. TL should not leave this to the community. Not on this stage.
Anyway it was a great experience
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Ehy there! How is everybody doing?

As you might be aware, I was busy building a dapp.
I decided to freeze the development, leaving the app as it is.

Why? Here the main reasons:
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@dolphin Did you notice that TL mentioned MM in his last video (after a long silence)?
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@CryptoBackstage I think it's about new Meta statement "Facebook temporarily allows posts on Ukraine war calling for violence against 'Russian invaders'"(CNN)
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If TL convince russians, that MM - friendly token, I estimate 2000 - 5000 per 1MM. And I immediately donate half to the Ukraine
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@Twitter But, I'm afraid, he's late... Toncoin already made it...
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Hey cryptofam!
Let me lay out my new conspiracy theory here. I think many of you were surprised by the strange behavior of TL regarding the Ukrainian crisis and the war that Russia started. He literally repeated the arguments of the Kremlin propaganda. Strange, T.L. - a smart guy, I don’t believe, could trust this Putin’s imperial bullshit. Previously, he was not noticed in political discussions on his channel. So what happened?
You know, Russian money is now confiscated all over the world. Yahoo has valued up to half a trillion dollars (including citizens' money). And you know, the Russians are desperate to convert them to crypto (Coinbase just blocked 25,000 crypto wallets linked to Russian users).
My theory is that TL was sending the message: "hey, we are a friendly pro-Russian token, fully decentralized, buy us!"
And, probably, if the war was fast and with minimal losses, it could work. But now, after this blood and war crimes, he realized that it would end very badly for him, so he just stopped
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The fact that the new TL video wasn’t posted here says a lot about metafora. 😂😂😂 all that complaints.

“We need dark mode”

“We need to change the logo”

I’m sorry but as a community we are weak 😂 metafora should be booming as a uncensored media platform 😂
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@Flock I agree community attitude is wrong. Instead of adding something creative, we are changing what TL has already done and making it worse
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Ehy @THE_BAD_CARPENTER we miss you, please come back soon, show your high level of culture and education
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@dolphin Some rudeness aside, the Carpenter's work is very important. This is a kind of "opposition", a shadow cabinet. And it's more useful than just repeating "to the moon".
For example, he very rightly pointed out such shortcomings as lack of TL project management and project communication, communication with the community etc
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Is there any way to know how many users Metafora has? so to monitor its growth.
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@Eddy since there are no traces of logging in the blockchain, the only source is the metaphora database
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MillionToken hits 1000 $. What is the first thing you do? (Please do not say SELL)
PS: Follow me and I'll follow you back
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@dolphin I buy used Honda Civic. Adjusted for inflation, it will cost exactly 400-500 thousand :)
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Any software devs in here?

Which is your fave language/framework?
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My Tech Stack:
Backend --> PHP, Python
Data --> Python
Database --> MySQL
Cloud --> GCP
Frameworks --> Laravel, Flask, STreamlit
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@dolphin Thanks, man! And you already did. Your TradingLab is fantastic!
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Is there anything specific that may be responsible for the current pump?
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It is worth remembering that politics comes first and everything else comes after. If Kazakhstan hadn't exploded, destroying BTC, MM would finally have a chance to rise..
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Dude, the metafora logo is freaking bad ass kind of looks like a mixture of a bear and lion. Did techlead himself design it? We will never know
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Сool if it became a blockchain communication tool. We need an option to send a message to any wallet
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