What's your guess for Million Token in the next crypto bull cycle? Dead, pump below ATH or pump above ATH?
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@0x9918ea3461160dc79c1bcb745209d3a7b509cfe4 IMO the future of $MM depends almost entirely on TL's action. I understand the distance to the project in the last months, there's a lot of uncertainty concerning founders and influencers of cryptocurrencies these days. On the other hand $MM at it's current state is a true gem, it has excellent tokennomics and an ultra low market cap. Any major investment will pump the price extremely hard. But again, it depends on TL. If he gives $MM a new dynamic (heard in Las Vegas theres a few well known influencers), then everything is possible, if he stays as passive as recently I fear $MM will show only a slight pump along with all cryptos or fade out entirely. Would be a shame to see this opportunity abandoned.
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