Update: First i got a 1 hour mute over nothing, then before it expired i got the mute extended to 24h for no reason.
Before the 24h mute expired i got banned for no reason.

Vato and Kelly abusing their admin/mod powers to ruin for the community. Keep in mind i am only ONE of the many they did this to.

Time to go to the new Million discord that is free from bad actors:
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@0x69511d33ff4209618b47ffbcfb172c374024a57e Sell and forget it. MM is going to die. They told you at $150 it was the bottom. They said the same for $100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 10,5 and now they're saying the bottom is $2.
The bottom will be $1, when the floor hits and nobody can sell. This token has no utility, no use, no point. Its dead weight in crypto.
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Nah, $1 may be the bottom, but in the next bull run we will see over $1000 MM.
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The token is bridges across multiple blockchains and will always at least be worth $1.00 How hard is it to understand that it's a perfect hedge coin? There's governance and the very communication application that you're currently using to bitch and gripe on, censor free. This message brought to you by Million Token.
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