Create Tiktok & YouTube videos for #MM

📸 You can mine MMs by creating Tiktok videos and/or YouTube videos for #ProjectMM

🙌 1 MM awarded per published video that has reached 200 likes on Tiktok OR 400 views on YouTube - no monthly caps.

Email your published videos to us today to get the 1 MM creator award!
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@JamesHuckle Yeah, sorry, this is just a clickbait example of what we should be providing as a community. I know individual members of the community have already been running things like this out of their own pocket, but ideally, this would be promoted from the top.

We also need rewards for any member adding value to the ecosystem (developers, etc). MM needs to become the currency that powers the entire community ecosystem before it can attempt to power others. Sitting on it and staking it only offers so much value for the rest of the community - it's lazy capitalism.
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@JamesHuckle bro why not just do it lol. You already wrote up the post. Another idea would be to create a marketing “VC” group comprised of 5k mm and over holders who could split the reward payouts. I mean you get 5 people and each pays out .25 mm to the winner? That would be a crazy sustainable model.
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