What is the usecase for million token ? i think is all a joke , a crypto for millionaire that sell energy drink and coffee , rap songs REALLY ? 3 merch stores with differents logo. Nfts from Vesper but even him dont believe in Million anymore. Defipro only profitable for Techlead because i cant see how its profitable directly or indirectly for Million Token. And please dont tell me Million Is so young , it will moon , it need to take time . I think all is BS . And by the way , its supposed to be what ? a social token ? , but Million Community is the most divided crypto community with a very bad leader . Some will say , no its a meme coin, but i only see faceapp video with techlead on or astronaut lion made by a poor designer ? Where all these supposed memes for this coin ? I think TL launched this coin just for using the liquidity pool on uniswap, because of these high returns. Metafora usecase ? profitable for who ? i only see Million Hodler shilling and fighting the coin. Please somebody , explain me
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The community @Reprobus2
@NFTDailyNews @CryptoGeezer
is mostly a bunch of tech nerds / devs / web devs / data analysts
/ people in tech that worship TL for his technical abilities. Because they see the world from a technical point of view, they see TL and anything that he makes as being perfect, flawless.
Many of the community members are not business savvy, nor do they understand the MM chart or on-chain analysis of MM, which clearly shows that the situation is not good.

A lot of them have taken their principle out or are early investors, so they continue to get in at low prices and sell the rips, meanwhile shilling it to generate trade volume, so that they can make some money from liquidity mining.
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