It's been 8 months. 8 months is super short term. You can try and convince yourself you are right now and wrong before. But dont be surprised when everything turns around in a few years and price catches up to its real value.

I will keep buying Million token. It's physically impossible that the token remains this low forever, because my tokens are worth way more once i bought them, because i aint selling for cheap.
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Just because you bought something for higher doesn't mean it was "worth" that much bro.

Diamonds are "worth" nothing, but people pay top dollar for them. But you can't resell them at the same price.

Just "bear" in mind the bearish scenario, which is you bought at a higher price that might never ever be seen again. That is a scenario that I have come to admit. Again, I dumped half my bag for a big loss and have no regrets so far.
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@electronicknock Thats not what i mean. I meant that when i buy a token it transfers in value. I buy a token for $6 now. But the soon it enters my wallet its worth $1000. Because i aint selling that token under that. And yes sure the market price dont exactly reflect the real value of my tokens.. yet. But it will. Because the more weak hands sell their tokens, the more strong hands like me will get them, and not sell until $1000. So there you have it, tokens in my wallet are by defacto worth over $1000 right now.
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