Another way you can judge MM, is by judging the community.
Do you see any smart, institutional investors in this token? Any smart person tweeting REAL data showing that the token has solid fundamentals and that it's bullish?
(not some BS @NFTDailyNews that shows addresses going up; because we all know that addresses can be spoofed: whales can create more addresses and transfer trace amounts of tokens to those addresses)

The ONLY true metric that shows bullishness is consolidating tightly in a tight range, while the supply of the tokens on the exchanges goes down. That would mean that people are BUYING.
But right now, the supply of tokens on exchanges is only going UP which means people are generally SELLING. And that's why price is going down.
You can be a fool and say that the smart people are buying, but that's clearly not the case, because the amount of MM on exchanges is going UP, not DOWN
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@electronicknock bro you say it all ...but they are blind and deaf ...they will never understand your point.
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Yup. It's their money and their life though. They're free to do whatever they want.
The best investors admit their mistakes.
I had a lot of multimillion friends who I told to buy MM when it was in the low twenties and teens, but now I admit my mistake that they were right and I was wrong.

There's a reason why people with big money didn't put their money in MM.
I just hope to remember my lesson.

Namely: Don't buy the top (I got in at ~$3, but got greedy and bought a whole lot more at $150), and don't catch a falling knife. Wait for confirmation.

Catching a falling knife = death by a thousand cuts
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