@JamesHuckle bro why not just do it lol. You already wrote up the post. Another idea would be to create a marketing “VC” group comprised of 5k mm and over holders who could split the reward payouts. I mean you get 5 people and each pays out .25 mm to the winner? That would be a crazy sustainable model.
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@DarthVader Firstly, it's because I don't have outreach as a single entity and even if I did I do not possess the economic scalability. This is why we do things TOGETHER as large teams and companies and not individuals.

Do you think companies would hire huge teams of marketing professionals/programers/financial managers if they thought each function could be satisfied by just a few individuals who would pay for their initiatives with their own me if they could remain competitive and do so, then they absolutely would, sadly, reality paints a different picture.

Also, show me a startup without a budget to grow and I will show you a dead company in 6-12 months.

Try and practice having a bigger mindset, because this is a fiercely competitive landscape and by relegating efforts to a minority of individuals you remove most of what makes communities (perhaps even humans themselves) so powerful!
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@JamesHuckle you proposed paying influencers 1 mm. You’re not the one who is doing the outreach. You would be paying the reward. The little guys aren’t going to shell out 1mm. But a group of whales could. Call it a treasury.
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