What is the usecase for million token ? i think is all a joke , a crypto for millionaire that sell energy drink and coffee , rap songs REALLY ? 3 merch stores with differents logo. Nfts from Vesper but even him dont believe in Million anymore. Defipro only profitable for Techlead because i cant see how its profitable directly or indirectly for Million Token. And please dont tell me Million Is so young , it will moon , it need to take time . I think all is BS . And by the way , its supposed to be what ? a social token ? , but Million Community is the most divided crypto community with a very bad leader . Some will say , no its a meme coin, but i only see faceapp video with techlead on or astronaut lion made by a poor designer ? Where all these supposed memes for this coin ? I think TL launched this coin just for using the liquidity pool on uniswap, because of these high returns. Metafora usecase ? profitable for who ? i only see Million Hodler shilling and fighting the coin. Please somebody , explain me
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They might have at some point watched his dev videos and liked him. So they think that there's something fundamentally good about the token and that TL will deliver his promise of "going to the moon".

I personally sold half my bag at a pretty loss. Kept the other half just in case, so I don't have any regrets, but the smart thing to do would also be to sell it and invest that money in cryptos that are much more likely to grow.

I've repeatedly been saying that if the token is not dead, it needs AT LEAST 6 to 12 months to moon, and at this rate, I think it would need 2 years, if not more to consolidate for some time and for there to be a supply shock.

But I got muted / banned from the MM telegram because this is the community. A group of loser sycophants whose meaning and purpose in life comes from this token.
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