@CryptoGeezer The community is relatively strong compared to others that I have reviewed. Looking at the month performance, its looking better than many alt coins which are down by more than 50% this month. I reviewed about 4-5 alts last week in comparison to MM. If MM falls below $10.00, my LP ratio of MM tokens increase, and further I use my rewards to buy more MM. Its a win-win situation on my end in terms of accumulating more MMs. Honestly I would not worry about it falling under $10 if that were to happen. @dolphin, James, MM Holder, others and I work independently to measure the adoption. Things are not looking that bad from my perspective even given this crypto market. Not financial advice though.

In my video tomorrow, I will find 20 random social coins around the same rank of MM that are more than 7 months old. Compare their month performance. Help look at some comparisons to get some balance.

I will try to get some Metafora data for Friday. But Hopefully dolphin beats me to it. Too much work.
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@NFTDailyNews Look forward to your video tomorrow. They are always a great source of information and I'm sure they encourage new people into the MM family. Keep up the good work!
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@CryptoGeezer Boy I could not find 20 cryptos my brother since July. The ones I found are at 0. The tokens currently next to MillionToken on Coingecko, well most are 1-2 months old, and they have not seen their bear market year. So it won't be fair to compare them with MM. +90% of listed projects fail so I am not surprised there.

But I did do some quick comparative analysis. MM is ranked 1000 on coingecko this morning. Ranked top 12 if compared to 500 + meme coins by market cap. It would be ranked top 15-20 on cryptoslate social list.

So not bad. I am waiting for real vision to come out with their social token and list it so I can see comparisons. I would put real vision and MM on a different class on their own as they really have a strong social media presence.
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