@DarthVader If TL agrees to this (and we need his agreement as we are a team after all) and believes it is worth his time to promote, then I will be the first person to deposit MM into a treasury.

But let's be real, we have a 20% staking payout atm, that could easily be slashed to 10%, with the remaining going into a Treasury. It's a more elegant solution and importantly, far more professional and trustworthy.
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@JamesHuckle I will also deposit to the treasury 25 MM tokens to begin with, and we can see how it goes. And 1 MM is a lot for some people especially in many countries around the world. Heck I'd even do it being in the US. 馃槀馃槀馃槀

1.) It would be nice to see someone already in the community do it vs someone from outside just to start it. The more organic and real representation of the ecosystem the better.

2.) Videos should not waste their time slandering past/disgruntled influencers as it's a waste of energy. We want to keep the energy as positive as possible and I am already aware of how annoying those past influencers are so I understand guys. 馃槀馃槀 But lets not focus on that and instead move forward.

But I also agree with @DarthVader as we simply do not have to wait for TL. It would be good though but there are many opportunities that he mentioned and also I called on similar things on a past video. Anyone can build on this ecosystem already. And when TL adds a MM payment system, its game
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@NFTDailyNews It's about reach, mate. Someone in the community has already done a fantastic job of trying this but didn't have the reach a 1m+ channel gets, sadly we cannot fight maths.
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@NFTDailyNews We want people from the US to be incentivized too because higher disposable incomes generally yield higher net investments. In fact, it's an exponential function, a country twice as rich would be expected to have 5x the amount invested into the stock market, for example. An economics lesson for you :D
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@NFTDailyNews we tried everything but @TL nevery reply ...he kept his money for the next pump and made more money with liquidity pool ....he dont fucking care about us
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