TL is creating a bullish narrative on BTC to continue distributing his bags. For the "millionth" time, $MM is in distribution, not accumulation. If you buy now, you will probably be seeing lower prices in the short to medium term. Be careful.
TL has blocked me, which either means I'm on to something. Or I'm just an asshole.
But probably both. Because if I'm on to something, that automatically makes me an asshole for MM bagholders.
People don't like to hear the truth.
I'm bullish on MM long-term. Bearish short to medium-term. Exit pumps do not count as bullish.

Guilty until proven innocent. That's how crypto works. Crypto is still dystopia, not yet utopia.
Innocent until proven guilty is for utopia. Someday crypto will be utopia. But not today.
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