has @TL paused metafora development?
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New to the Metafora, hows everyone doing~
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In 5 years from now.. i maybe a whale
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Which #altcoin will 100x in 2022? 🤔
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@TL Still waiting for "Refora" (retweet option")
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Am already addicted to Metafora. I hop in after
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Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a great time last night.
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@Billionaire We did!!
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We are Early as fuck. Somedey this post gonna be NFT
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4 Rules to live by this new year:

1. Trust your intuition
2. Take care of yourself
3. Stay loyal to your dreams
4. Limit drama and negativity
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@okezebasil01 Damn, we need a Refora(Retweet)
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Amazing day to create something amazing
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@TL Fix the follow self Sir. And can u align the "url" Content preview durinf post to left instead of centre.
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💥BREAKING: MicroStrategy just bought another 1,914 #Bitcoin for ~$94.2 million! Now owns a total of 124,391 BTC.
$3.75billion total money invested
Where are our MM Whales, please you guys should do something.
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@247cryptomoney His buys are epic. So will his Dumps be.
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@JS Couldnt agree more
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missed BTC? Get MM. Simple
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