I want to be a billionaire.
basedpac   ·   7 days ago  
Haven't posted here in months. Glad to see some future millionaires still using the social media platform of the future.
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Hola a todos, este es mi primer mensaje en metáfora.
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@0x1ef276e555f601b63dcf6e5fdf38577b2e89b332 Hola! Bienvenido a metafora! De donde eres?
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I'm betting on TL to take Metafora and MM to another level this year!
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Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a great time last night.
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Wishing everyone a great new years and hope we all have a great 2022! Nothing but positive vibes.
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GN future millionaires.
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at 10MM per named account and 1 million MM total supply means only 100,000 named accounts possible and they would become damn expensive as supply dries up so i think the 10mm is going to change as price goes up.
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@OGweb3 I get what you mean but if anything I would see it more as being early investors of metafora. I'm sure it'll change eventually and the user won't have to buy MM.
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@Cryptnotic true. Maybe when the coin hits 1,000,000 the requirement will be .00001 lol
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I don't know if anyone has suggested this already but it would be cool if there was a way to be able to see our NFT's in settings so we can set them as our PFP. At the same time having a check signifying you're the owner. That's talked about a lot on twitter and I'm sure if this was done we could see more people using metafora.
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You guys like my new name? Speaking it into existence.
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Where did everyone buy their #MM $MM? I got mine on #PancakeSwap.
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@cherry at first I bought it on pancakeswap but then I transferred to polygon chain and bought it there! Gas fees are cheaper and more convenient.
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@cherry It's actually pretty cool. The gas fees is what I love about it.
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Hope all of you future millionaires have a great day !
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This is actually pretty lit. Techlead is the man!
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