MM at 1.50$ was a reality where is my haters
MM at 10,000 will be a reality
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Hopefully your 10k prediction will be a reality. I surely hope so too. I mean, with a 1 billion market cap, MM would be at 1k per token.
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Agreed. I think in the next bull run, Million will burst sky high. This token moves sooo much with little effort. I have kept loading my bag during this fire sale!
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What is the usecase for million token ? i think is all a joke , a crypto for millionaire that sell energy drink and coffee , rap songs REALLY ? 3 merch stores with differents logo. Nfts from Vesper but even him dont believe in Million anymore. Defipro only profitable for Techlead because i cant see how its profitable directly or indirectly for Million Token. And please dont tell me Million Is so young , it will moon , it need to take time . I think all is BS . And by the way , its supposed to be what ? a social token ? , but Million Community is the most divided crypto community with a very bad leader . Some will say , no its a meme coin, but i only see faceapp video with techlead on or astronaut lion made by a poor designer ? Where all these supposed memes for this coin ? I think TL launched this coin just for using the liquidity pool on uniswap, because of these high returns. Metafora usecase ? profitable for who ? i only see Million Hodler shilling and fighting the coin. Please somebody , explain me
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I purchased Million due to its scarcity. I actually bought in somewhat high, however, nothing is lost unless you sell. All I know is that MM is for sale right now, and though it is underperforming aa of now, the sky is the limit. Lastly, it’s pretty rad to say that I own an asset that there is only one million out there available. I see it as a token that is also an NFT.

The community is lovely, and I can’t wait for what the future awaits for Million, and it’s community members.

Oh! Governance is awesome!
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Got my new username!

This is an awesome place!
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