HODL MM until 10k per coin!
First tweet here and testing
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@TL totally agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if in 5 years time or less Etherium will be worthless, slow development of their ecosystem and too big commitment with the miners, and that is why we will keep paying such a high fees just for a swap… Etherium 2.0 will be integrated only if the price drastically drop, even then it will be to late for Etherium to recover trust and holders
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@TikTok after now we also have TikTok 🥳🚀
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Hey #MillionToken fam,

I'm considering producing some high quality $MM commemorative coins, similar to this prototype I machined a few months back

I have a few things to consider so I'm hoping for some feedback from you guys

1) Demand
Would you be interested in buying one of these?
The minimum manufacturing quantity is 100 pieces so I'll have to be sure before placing the order

2) Pairing with NFT
Should these coins be paired with an NFT?
I'm sure the answer to this will be a yes but the issue then comes to purchasing and posting, if anybody has any suggestions

3) Price
What would you say is a fair price for this coin/NFT combo?

4) Sales & Shipping
I figure selling on Amazon and using their dispatch service would be the most efficient way of distributing globally, I could then send the corresponding NFT to the buyer's OpenSea wallet?
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@Reprobus2 I would definitely buy one my friend 👌 love the idea 👍
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What’s your MillionToken price prediction for this Q1 2022?
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@BankHead that would be the beginning of a parabolic MM run my friend 🚀
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@Wiwy in this case I’ll be able to accumulate more.. however I strongly believe that we will sit around 30$ by the end of January
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@JoJo94 I would be totally love that let’s work towards it 💪
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@OGweb3 🤣🤣 if this really happens I will load up so much to bring it back to 12$ in matter of seconds
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We're off to a great start! If you want to help, let's get Metafora trending on Google SEO.
Google the words "web 3 social network metafora" and click on the first link to help boost our search rankings!
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@TL doing that every day 💪🦁
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Hello world! Good job @TL
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@0x28745f28a2babd1cef49dc3dd5489ed8a14c77c1 Absolutely a great job and everyday better 🦁💪
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I hope that all of you Lions and cubs had a wonderfull Chrismas and gifted yourself with some more MM! Thank you @TL for the new function of taggin others! we can't wait to see the next update <3 , maybe a downlodable mobile app? that would be huge!
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TL , we need the comment section, that would be the next amazing update!
However congratulation for creating Metafora, it could lead to huge following!
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Metafora will be revolutionary !!
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