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Yo peeps. What’s news?
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@dolphin Hey, dolphin, how are you? Haven't seen for a while)
Follow me, please here, so I can send you a direct message. Thanks)
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I really think that MM has good projects. Metafora is an example of that. is another example of that.
However I would buy more MM if I new that there were some people developping new things using the token. And I think if someone wants to do that, it would be now because it is the beginning of the new bull market. At least an active discord channel open to the public where we could again create a solid community to get MM to the next level in 2024-2025
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How many MM do you guys own?
Have any of you held on to your MM since that first July?
What is the future of MM to you?
Do you think people will regret not buying more MM in the future?
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Can we see a new roadmap for million token in this 2024 bull run?
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@Million There is no point in speculation MM is a revelation.
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So, serious question:
Will MM go up in this next bull market? :D Tell me your opinions!
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@Million theres only a Million get your hand in the cookie jar as much as you can. These moments are the gift TL gave to the world. Some UNDERSTAND others just cant find MM. You are the few lucky ones. Fear and Doubt will wreck you though watch out!!!
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That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die
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I understand....

Which is why I picked up more Million token today.
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are we ded yet?

is the bull finally back?
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Today on November 7th of the year 2023, btc has followed MM's price action. Let it be known.
👁️🦁 🦢
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