Brand On Vision have created a world first Quantum Entangled NFT collection called Million Club.
Check it out!
What do you guys think of TornadoCash?
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@NFTDailyNews checked out your channel. You do a good job keep up the good work...
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@CryptoBackstage yea I use his analysis as my foundation stone. His chart analysis is very enlightening.
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@CryptoBackstage yea Gareth is the bomb he is spot on with a lot of his calls. I really like his chart reading.
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Million Club has been established to support Million Token. It is a NFT collection on the Crypto. Com chain. One NFT is released per day for only $1. Currently we have launched 71 NFTs with about 25% ownership. The idea behind the project is to introduce Million Token to the world through the Million Club game.
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A project of Million Token. FAQ