So I came across another token I just had to have in my wallet. And my decision was to spend 2k cash or sell my million off. Well, decided to hold the million. So with that said, I’m already up 50 percent in the other token after a few days. Only the beginning for Shibaverse!!!

Wallet is now:
Bone, Leash, Shibaverse, Shiba Inu, MM, XRP TLOS.

One of them got to get me up biig
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@Cam_271 Take a look at $POOCH - about to start farming...
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im trying to find hidden gems here, can you put atleast 1 hidden gem crypto that i will invest. please thank you in advance more power to this group
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@englishmonkey hey how do i buy $pooch, i'm trying to swap on sushiswap but cant add the token! what am i doing wrong? thanks
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Which crypto are you most bullish on for 2022? 🧐
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@cryptodog MATIC, FTM, XYO and just aped into $POOCH (so early it's not even on CMC yet - search Twitter)
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