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$MillionToken Metrics Video For the Week. Under 1 Minute. Not financial advice. And this is a bear market. Don't rush into anything. Some of these old MM whales were probably leveraged (bad) and over-extended (bad) so they will most likely sell. Cheers.
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NDN Media purchased land on #NextEarth recently to be used by the #MillionToken community. And suddenly #NextEarth released an updated press release. Coincidence? 🤷‍♂️Check it out here. Looks like they are also building in the bear market.😎 #NextEarth
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GM #MillionToken Community! Today I picked up more $MM from

#Fun #Fact check your #MM balance across all chains on by clicking on settings.

Want to help me achieve my goal?0x68f41574B4936edcA5c0Cf729Edecb7addc6b101 400.92/1000 MM Goal. #R3WIRED #ADMIN ?

Road to 500MM!! To become admin I must hold and maintain 1000mm. 1000mm out of circulation. !!
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