See you in the Jacuzzi Bar on the Moon.... ;)
Giving away 500 Hearts to every Metafora account who likes, follows, and comments!

Hearts can be used to bid in the live NFT Art Auction coming up on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7 pm US Central at

This promotion lasts only for 24 hours and will end at NOON (12pm US Central time) on Thursday.

The 500 Hearts is in addition to the 500 bonus hearts you will receive for creating a new account.

See you at the auction tomorrow and make sure to check out our metaverse at

- Misol & Astro
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@TL check out Torum and also the KILT Protocol. Torum as a collection of ideas how such a social platform could look like .. really well done .. and for the topic of Identity or Credentials, please have a look at the KILT Protocol! Both good use cases .. why not let us flow in ... :)
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