Anyone have suggestions for sorting transaction details (especially when say transferring from Coinbase to MetaMask) for taxes? Trying to finish this up but I feel like I'm missing something. Every tracker I've tried has a few dozen transactions with no cost basis.
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@CybomanDrew By the way,, don't post things like this on Twitter, the bots are crazy fast with their phishing schemes.
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@CybomanDrew ehhh. Tell me about it. I do not know. I think Coinbase is now integrated with CoinTracker. I was told you are able to get a print out of all transaction detail. They might require KYC, but I am not sure.
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@NFTDailyNews I think the couple of buys I did early on directly in MetaMask (through Wyre) are what are mucking it up.
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@CybomanDrew CoinbasePro will show you records of your transactions. not sure about the regular Coinbase account
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