Tried to get some Million Tokens and just the Ethereum gas fees are $70 bucks!
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@0x4c83f293f26931fa0b0ab0b8d0950f18485156b0 Yeah, that's insane! You can get Million Token on polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Solana, and a couple others.
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@Android Yeah definitely!!
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@0x4c83f293f26931fa0b0ab0b8d0950f18485156b0 I use BSC and Polygon. I have not used Eth mainnet since the first weeks of the token launch. the fees are just not worth it.

you can get another 70 bucks worth of MM instead!
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@doombaby.eth exactly!! Not worth it
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@0x4c83f293f26931fa0b0ab0b8d0950f18485156b0 Why not try to get it on pancakeswap using bnb ? the fee would be less then $3
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