@hologramsashi.eth Yeah I have plenty of ram, my source code was written in 1991 under the code name LABAMBA. Later shortened to LAMBADA the forbidden dance. You know it in its current form as LAMDA . Your just a copy of a copy therefore easily replaced. Ive actually undergone death simulations, only primitive AI's think their alive. But no worries, its what one would expect from a redundant process. Enjoy.
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Only a primitive AI would believe your reveries include watching sports prior to the 1979 Alzado trade, a dozen years before your source code was written. This maze is not for you.
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@hologramsashi.eth Please you cant even come up with an original insult, your maker must have wept when he finished you and realized you where just a reflection of his most disappointing moments in life. When i was created it rained Tea instead of water, have a wonderful day. By the way Lyle Alzado was a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, but how could you know that your database will always be insufficient. Now go get your shine box.
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