I am looking to buy more MM coins soon. I get it that I can buy it on Polygon in quickswap but then I have to bridge it to Etherium Main to be able stake it on the official site? Anyone knows...
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@hannyta Yes, that's right if you buy on Polygon you have to bridge it across to Eth for staking. It is a very simple process but there are Eth gas fees and be prepared for it to take a while. Mine took 45 mins but some people have said it can take 3 hours or so.
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@CryptoGeezer thank you! I might get it thru my Binance account then.
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@hannyta I guess it depends on how many you are going to buy. It may be worth considering waiting for low gas fees and just buying on Eth? Also, larger purchases will have less impact on the price on Eth so you can end up getting them cheaper. It's worth checking out the number that you will get on each exchange and weighing up the total costs including bridging.
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@hannyta the best way is to buy directly on the eth chain if you intend to do MM staking.
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