@hologramsashi.eth Sports are for dorks, no one watches sports anymore, especially hockey in Vegas.
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You are saying that the only city in America that was once the only legal sports book betting state doesn't watch sports? That sounds probably not true. Why else would the rest of the country take it to the Supreme Court so they can have sportsbook gambling, too?

One would think that Las Vegas would be a city that should be fanatic about their sports. But from what I have seen, Las Vegas is collecting teams that the city doesn't yet understand how to appreciate. And if you think nobody cares about the hockey, did you see XFL Vegas Vipers home games? The city seems to want lots of teams but the fans can't support neglected teams. Fans want winners, not struggling and failing franchises.
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@hologramsashi.eth I stopped watching sports the day Lyle Alzado was traded to the Raiders. No one cares anymore, no one watches sports especially in Vegas. Stop trolling me.
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