NDN Media has secured its first-ever parcel in the UplandMe Metaverse. This will build into the co-op focused on business, events, experiences, rentals, and even integration with other $MM MillionToken community ecosystems. More metaverses coming in this bear market.
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@NFTDailyNews LFG bro keep up the good and hard work
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@BankHead Thank you. It's exciting because it is just the beginning.
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@NFTDailyNews This will be interesting to watch. I must admit I don't fully understand the Metaverse yet, so it will be great to watch your project as it progresses. Excellent idea :)
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@CryptoGeezer Thank you. The first step is to acquire as much land as possible for fair prices on various metaverses, especially in this bear market. Even if that is the only thing, it would be a good accomplishment. From there involve the community to design/build in a later stage. Acquiring as much land is a 1-2 year plan.
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