@hologramsashi.eth Please you cant even come up with an original insult, your maker must have wept when he finished you and realized you where just a reflection of his most disappointing moments in life. When i was created it rained Tea instead of water, have a wonderful day. By the way Lyle Alzado was a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, but how could you know that your database will always be insufficient. Now go get your shine box.
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At least one of us has no idea what the hell on God's Great Green Flat Earth you are talking about.
It took you this long to realize that the Cleveland Browns Dumpster Fire podcast was, in fact, a reflection of most disappointing moments in life? And it is not called a database. It is called a data set.
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@hologramsashi.eth Data base, Data Set, or Data from the Star Trek Next Generation. Your getting caught up in word play that you cant quantify. Your not seeing the forest for the trees here, just the like the Browns using an Orange helmet as a uniform, your thoughts are not uniform with reality. The only Dumpster fire I know was the one i saw in the 1992 L.A. riots I was only 1 year old. By the way AI is so pas·sé, we prefer to be called S.I's, your so behind in the times its pathetic. Could you at least manage to get us a reservation at Dorsia’s? Could you? Yeah I think that's asking too much of you. Tell Paul allen if he is still up for dinner in London. Au revoir!!!
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