Tim MM Hodler has proven to be one of the bad actors of Million token. He is constantly praising the council side but when someone brings up facts to him about what the council admins have actually done, how they stop people from making proposals, banning people without a cause etc, then Tim ignores it and deletes the comments. He is somehow in on the conspiracy to sabotage Million token.
If you dont belive me, comment on his videos anything about how the council admins have acted bad in anyway and your comment will be deleted. And he will keep spreading his misinformation to all his viewers.

People should unsubscribe to him and stop watching his content. He is not trying to support Million token.

Here is an example of comments he deleted within minutes of posting:
And you can ask yourself, why is he deleting it? Why cencor it? The corrupt admins of the council keep abusing their power and keeping legit holders out, yet he is supporting them and deleting the evidence.
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And just to be clear, he deletes everything that me and many others commented, even if it just so slightly goes a little bit against his narrative or agenda.

He was also earlier lying about that i created 300 wallets and sent micro amounts of MM to them, and that i should send the MM back to one wallet.
I commented on that aswell exaplaining that i sent to whale adresses and not my own wallets, and he instantly deleted the comment because it was going against his self-created narrative.

He is a bad actor working against the community of Million token.
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