If only there was a way I could log into MetaFora using my iPhone through my Metamask wallet

Hoping this will get resolved soon as I'd like to spend a lot more time on this platform
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@Reprobus2 I second this
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@Reprobus2 You can, just select the non-metamask option, which will give you a metamask secondary option
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@Reprobus2 i hope so too
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@Reprobus2 Select Wallet Connect and then Metamask
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@Reprobus2 I am able to use metamask on my android
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@Reprobus2 try using the browser inside of metamask. Hit side menu option and go to Browser bottom hit search icon type in metafora address. your welcome
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I've tried this but can't seem to manage it. Would you be helpful enough to do a screen record of this and send it to me on Telegram @Reprobus2, please?

I've tried logging in through the MetaMask browser but that also sends me to the IOS app store
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