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It’s crazy to think that you would need $2200 to be verified on metafora at the ath. At $1bil mcap, you will need $10,000 to be verified. This is some Illuminati stuff.
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Ehy Team!

Are you doing well? It has been a while.

Many things have changed in the last months, incredible how everything is moving so rapidly in life, in business, here as well. Summer has been great, and now it is time to prepare for the winter, many interesting projects on the way, as always.

From a crypto point of view, personally nothing has changed. I keep DCA on the few projects I am following since many years, and if you are wondering, yes, I am still a proud holder of my precious MM, despite I have not bought in a while.

I also keep following our very own TechLead, his evolution, and his thoughts. In particular recently his video about his parents getting old has really resonated in me. There should be a way to extract all the life gems TL has given us troughs the years, it is a pity they are "stuck" inside their videos. Someone should create a Twitter account about it.

Take care guys!

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Romua   ·   1 month, 21 days ago  
@dolphin I was thinking of making a film about this project. Because it's an incredible story. One year passed, but how many emotions were there? Remember this guy who really became a millionaire overnight?
And what a team gathered around this project! How many talents!
I'm pretty sure it wasn't a scam, just bad governance. TL should not leave this to the community. Not on this stage.
Anyway it was a great experience
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So many non verified accounts lol
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MATIC dope?? I like SOL.
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