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TradingLab   ·   17 days ago  
Hi Everybody. Sorry for being late.

We have just proceeded to transfer the MM to the competition's winners!

BTC Price at 2022-06-01 00:00 --> 31859$

First Prize: 0xEcD973030eF2fC352ED5448413a707598892d4C3
Prize: 10 MM
Prediction: 32000$
Transaction: 0x89363e445810f9d0477d6d1903ddbb0f23719fe89cf115e945b86d322b173f6b

Second Prize: 0xD0b4780c5f7250749dA923E554DaF38C440c09b6
Prize: 5 MM
Prediction: 33656$
Transaction: 0xd72cc320047196c6fbc51ab47f486262330be3ddcacfdc62019ee8607b5bce33

Third Prize: 0x2E1544CA495Fd80961eBB65845800124DB3fda44
Prize: 3MM
Prediction: 30000$
Transaction: 0x037a9412f0990991172cd5f270a9b5c28f3a098a8246970d2ae240fe61f62852

Congratulations to everybody!
See you at the next one :)

Long-life MM!
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BankHead   ·   16 days ago  
@0x15c1c51c485fdb3a051a5edfc80f796c6d90da63 what is wrong with you ? Do you not have a life ?
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CryptoGeezer   ·   16 days ago  
@TradingLab Thank you for running the competition and the great prizes!
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0x15c...da63   ·   15 days ago  
@BankHead I like to warn people about scam cryptos like Million Token. Im sorry you got scammed and are deep underwater. I want to stop that for other people.
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BankHead   ·   15 days ago  
@0x15c1c51c485fdb3a051a5edfc80f796c6d90da63 how come u didn't warn people about Luna ?
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0x15c...da63   ·   13 days ago  
@BankHead this place is for MM cultist. we only need to point out the MM scam here :) none others.
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KingAwesome   ·   15 days ago  
TL said web 3 is done. Nice knowing you MF!
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NFTDailyNews   ·   16 days ago  
@CryptoMillions This is where the future is headed. Don't give up on this endeavor. I'm right behind.
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0x695...a57e   ·   15 days ago  
News from the Discord:

Kelly the bad actor and manipulator and instigator of drama, has again wrongfully banned people from the ex-official MM discord.
If anyone wonder why the price is lower than anyone anticipated, it's all because of Kelly. She wants to buy cheap so she trying to get people to sell by treating them unwelcomingly, and banning them for no reason.
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0x695...a57e   ·   16 days ago  
News from the Discord:
The moderator VatoGodSupreme(Last MM Holder) is power abusing and muting people for no reason. And he is making up his own rules and fabricating "facts" about other communities and members. Just thought this should be brought up. People like him is the reason people lose faith in Million.

He is a corrupt moderator.
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0x695...a57e   ·   15 days ago  

Update: First i got a 1 hour mute over nothing, then before it expired i got the mute extended to 24h for no reason.
Before the 24h mute expired i got banned for no reason.

Vato and Kelly abusing their admin/mod powers to ruin for the community. Keep in mind i am only ONE of the many they did this to.

Time to go to the new Million discord that is free from bad actors:
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0x15c...da63   ·   15 days ago  
@0x69511d33ff4209618b47ffbcfb172c374024a57e Sell and forget it. MM is going to die. They told you at $150 it was the bottom. They said the same for $100, 80, 60, 40, 20, 10,5 and now they're saying the bottom is $2.
The bottom will be $1, when the floor hits and nobody can sell. This token has no utility, no use, no point. Its dead weight in crypto.
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0x695...a57e   ·   15 days ago  
Nah, $1 may be the bottom, but in the next bull run we will see over $1000 MM.
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0x501...9034   ·   16 days ago  
hello world!
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0x899...d935   ·   16 days ago  
@0x17230cf4606b59c357c0dfcc0d8b2a9da420c14f All my MM has been staked for a year. I’m adding a lot more today. The entire market will go lower with what has been going on politically for 2 yrs. It will explode once this nightmare is booted out…
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0x879...f1aa   ·   16 days ago  
@0x17230cf4606b59c357c0dfcc0d8b2a9da420c14f Million Token will be exposed to the FULL coming Bull Market Cycle. We are going to the moon!
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0xb77...b74b   ·   26 days ago  
This guy @CryptoMillions is also a BIG SCAMER!! He has created a fishing website: in oder to you claim or refund your new Luna 2.o token. Do not connect your wallet in this website!!!! This guy should be BANNED from all channels also from Twitter!!! People like you should be live!!!
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0x15c...da63   ·   16 days ago  
@0xb777e79e5ca0bdb4709029ef82f426ae57ebb74b why are you surprised? everyone involved in Million Token is a scammer lol.
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