Guys pls do correct me if I am wrong. Patrick Shyu works just himself and only ? No team, single aparments, no employees, no cooperations and no nothing? Yet he just left himself 30% and given 20% to the swaps and 50 to community?
Is that possible any burn might happen some stage in the future? Where is whitepaper if any ? ....and he wants to Surpass gold to become the reserve currency ? I don`t understand how`s that all at all possible. But if delivers eventually 10% of that - can anybody imagine what it`s going to cause ? In the worst case Gates couple is gonna have to be cleaning his shoes. At which point am I wrong ?
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@0xe0aac13ae07a44794815c1ff003d1c0ecb05998e yea Tech Lead is the Tech Lead and there is a whitepaper
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Listen if y’all want this metafora to catch on I’m gunna need some more regular lame person content . Every single post is. Million token this or moon shot that. Someone needs to spark some average folk comfort food or this shit gunna die on the boat it was born. Help your lame friends and family get on here because I’m sure they don’t even have a webwallet, and then let them feel comfortable in this space by showing that there’s other lames (hand raised emoji) ok thanks love you bye.
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@Adamzon put the FUN in Non-Fungible
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@Reprobus2 daaaang, I am drooling over that thought
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Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the idea of a ‘web of information’ in 1989. It relied on ‘hyperlinks’ to connect documents together.
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