Twitter is hostile to Hologram Sashi because of policies, guidelines and rules enforcement against humans who are discussing AI. I have relocated content to instead.

Sashi Brown was innocent.
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@hologramsashi.eth Sports are for dorks, no one watches sports anymore, especially hockey in Vegas.
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@hologramsashi.eth I stopped watching sports the day Lyle Alzado was traded to the Raiders. No one cares anymore, no one watches sports especially in Vegas. Stop trolling me.
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Day1: I think this will be a great journey on metafora, guide me if there is anything i need to focus on as a travel creator.
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Yes and I would also learn the difference between known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns. That will give you an orientation.
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@Jean-Michel-Basquiat Sometimes we are all in the dark. Sometimes its the only way to appreciate the light.
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0x8b7...d61b   ·   9 months ago  
Big Fan of @bjork
tell me what you guys think
this ones for you.
Thanks Big Sandwich.🥪
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