I am giving 50% of streaming revenue from my album STAR to NFT holders .. there are 56 NFTs total so each NFT gives out 0.89% of the album revenue for the song you hold ⚡️In other words if you own all 56 you will recieve 50% of the album streaming revenue

I produced every song with no samples so no worries on your nft getting sued & taken down to prevent earning

Floor price is 0.0027 wETH
NFT displays a preview of the song & the download file is unlocked at purchase 🔓Be one of the only to listen to the album before release

Album officially releases July 1st Until then the album will remain exclusive only to NFT holders

Keep the nft & earn revenue or sell it to a fan 🌟
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I just got banned from Instagram for the 5th time .. I lost about 16k followers & as an upcoming artist its like starting my career all over again .. can 3.0 save me ?
I spend 12 - 16 hours a day making beats singing & rapping them editing my own videos just for Instagram to say "you're doing too much" I just want to be me
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