Update core rekan setim

Airdrop dari coredao...
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I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 35 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Espokat2) as your invitation code.
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Hey, I am sending you 1 CNX! CoinX-Miner App is a new tool where you can mine and earn coins for free for a limited amount of time. To claim your CNX, you have to download the following app:
After you downloaded the miner app, you can use riskcrypt as invitation code.
Hurry up! Just a limited amount of people can mine.
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Create. Engage. Earn. Repeat. Building a new era of social networking, where freedom of speech meets with democracy, you will have a safe social network to surf on. Download Uhive today, and live a social networking experience like never before. Link
Code: AUFS2A
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Join the talent revolution! Bondex is the leading Web 3 professional network in the world with almost 1m users. Expand your network, learn, invite friends, and advance your career to earn BNDX tokens. Empowering the ownership of users that bring value to our talent network!.

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Download Mine Wink app.
Use my code [13968966].

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Be part of the FASTEST LAUNCHING blockchain network.

Dotchain mainnet is launching 50X to 90X faster than any other blockchain project, which allows users to earncoins using a handy device. Use this link to join and start mining DOT & Play games to Win ACE, Use my invitation code (riski31) to get 1.5/hour base rate.

--100% Transparent Live Stats--
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A project of Million Token. FAQ