The #MillionToken weekly chart looking awesome! 🦁

This week’s candle has found support on the 6 week MA. Can we break through the falling wedge next week?
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I’m liking the look of this #MillionToken weekly candle🤞🏻

I’m happy to say I picked up another DCA today under $6 on BSC. Patience is key 🦁
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Hey @Lev
This post gets my full respect man 🤝
It’s refreshing to see that people recognise TechLead isn’t Million

WE are the Million Token community! 🦁

The Ukrainian people are strong and proud, and the whole world has seen this for themselves. The courage I’ve seen from Ukraine has been absolutely inspiring

I’ll see what I can do in regards to a donation! It’s a shame they only accept donations on ERC20
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Ty for your kind words 🙏

I could never create my own token tho, Million is the only project for me 🦁
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I will be launching Million Comic Book Collection soon. It will first focus on high-end comic books in the copper age. And part of the proceeds will go back to an entity of my choice that is "building" positively in the Million Ecosystem.
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This is awesome @NFTDailyNews

Great way to think outside the box and build on our eco-system 🦁🔥
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We’re currently finding resistance on the 7 day MA, as per usual we're waiting to see what Bitcoin does from here

Feel free to join our price discussion chat on Telegram where we regularly discuss the price, market activity, investment strategies and have daily polls on various subjects 🦁
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@NFTDailyNews Awesome, you’ll be a great addition to this new Telegram group
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In my opinion it’s because there’s no point in promoting a micro cap project while the crypto market is in a bear market. It also gives Million the chance to stand up on it’s own without reliance on TL
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What is the usecase for million token ? i think is all a joke , a crypto for millionaire that sell energy drink and coffee , rap songs REALLY ? 3 merch stores with differents logo. Nfts from Vesper but even him dont believe in Million anymore. Defipro only profitable for Techlead because i cant see how its profitable directly or indirectly for Million Token. And please dont tell me Million Is so young , it will moon , it need to take time . I think all is BS . And by the way , its supposed to be what ? a social token ? , but Million Community is the most divided crypto community with a very bad leader . Some will say , no its a meme coin, but i only see faceapp video with techlead on or astronaut lion made by a poor designer ? Where all these supposed memes for this coin ? I think TL launched this coin just for using the liquidity pool on uniswap, because of these high returns. Metafora usecase ? profitable for who ? i only see Million Hodler shilling and fighting the coin. Please somebody , explain me
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It’s a shame that you have such a low opinion on the Million Token project and community. I must disagree however, as I see most of the value in the community itself. Not all community members have to agree with one another and I personally don’t see TechLead as our leader, but simply the project founder. We have members from all corners of the world who regularly communicate, entertain, share knowledge and even in some cases donate to one another in order to benefit their fellow community members. It’s a shame that this is the way you feel, but not everybody feels the same way about this project. This is the same basic principle of the most successful crypto project
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Has the blocking feature been implemented? I'm not seeing any of the pathetic FUD posts anymore but I think they are still happening. Anyone else noticed a difference?
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@CryptoGeezer My timeline is looking so much better! 🦁
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MM influencers, telling your fam and frens to catch a falling knife is criminal.
Don't be a criminal like @Reprobus2, @MM-Matt, and @NFTDailyNews. They hurt their friends. They've been shilling the token since almost ~100+% higher than current prices.

You want to be a good fren, tell your fren to buy when there's bullish confirmation.

Be like @TimeTraveler and @WannaBeMillionaire who understand the truth.
The truth is, we're not bullish, until we're bullish. And right now, MM is bearish.
Don't catch a falling knife. Death by a thousand cuts hurts.

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@electronicknock I guess this is another one of @Mya's alts, and still liking your own comments 🙈
Will add you to the block list too

But just to address your message, myself and @MM-Matt work hard for this community and have done for months because we believe in the project. I don’t tell others to buy, however I have been buying regularly myself. So thank you for your concern, however I won’t be letting sour people like you stop me from participating in this great community
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Thank you @dolphin 😀

I’m slowly getting the hang of creating content, although struggling with producing videos in an efficient timeframe. My vid is only 10 mins long but took me many hours to record, edit and upload 😂

I’m glad I can provide some sort of value for our amazing community tho, and I appreciate all of the support and feedback!

We really do have an amazing group of people here and I look forward to meeting you all in person one day
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Thank you @NFTDailyNews and thank you for all of the shout outs in your vids!

Hoping I can find other creative ways to talk about subjects I'm interested in, which our community will hopefully enjoy
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Keep the faith my peeps. MM still on a good path. If you can then just HODL. We’ll get through this.
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@Da_Truth how you doing brother?
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Yeah iIm super hyped to own this one! I'll be mentioning your #pixelG collection in my next video :)
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